OT Salary Survey, Fall 2020-present
We are starting a new data set in Fall 2020 to reflect any changes in employment and salary following the introduction of PDPM in late 2019, and Covid-19 in early 2020.
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PLEASE don't omit your SALARY info - collecting this info is the whole point!
Are you an OT or OTA? *
Education *
Select highest level of OT education. We recognize that you may have other degrees as well.
Certifications or special training (leave blank if none)
Do not include OT license or CPR, as these are usually required for employment
Years of experience *
Setting: *
*IF you work in more than 1 setting, with DIFFERENT pay rates for each, kindly submit a 2nd survey so this info will be separated. *IF you float between many settings in a SINGLE job, please select more than 1 here & NOT submit another survey.
City/town (or Country if not US) *
State *
Zip code *
Geographic area *
We realize this is subjective, but also important, as geographic area can significantly impact job availability and salary
Employment / Pay type
You may elaborate in the comments section below
Average # of hours / week *
HOURLY RATE, whether contract, hourly or salaried. If paid per visit, enter 0 (zero) below and answer the next question. *
For easy data comparisons! If you don't know your hourly rate: divide yearly salary by number of hours worked yearly (weekly hours x 52 weeks per yr). OR divide your bi-weekly pay check (before taxes) by the number of hours worked during that pay period.  **Numbers only, you may elaborate in the comments section below.
PAY PER VISIT rate. Enter 0 (zero) below if not applicable *
Yearly income from this job. Please estimate even if you're not salaried. *
For easy data comparisons! How to: average hours per week x 52 weeks x hourly rate = yearly pay. Ex: 40 x 52 x hourly rate). **Numbers only. You may elaborate in the last question of this section.
Did you negotiate your pay rate? *
If you did NOT negotiate your rate, what prevented you from doing so?
If you DID negotiate your rate, what strategies did you use? What worked?
Productivity expectations *
Round to nearest. You may elaborate in comments section below.    *International friends who have never heard this term, see the following for an introduction: https://newgradphysicaltherapy.com/productivity/ 
Benefits *
Anything further regarding the above salary questions?
*Impact of PDPM and Covid-19 will be addressed in the next section*
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