Louisiana Wing Encampment 2017 Senior Staff Consideration Request
This form is only for SENIOR MEMBERS who wish to be considered for a position on staff. Complete the request completely before you submit the form. Please submit only ONCE. Read the instructions carefully.

Incomplete applications may not be considered

For the longer answers you may want to compose your answer in a word processor and cut/paste your answer so you will have a copy of your answers for your use and just in case something happens.

Deadline for consideration by Encampment Commander is Feb 25th 2017

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ALL staff members have to have access to e-mail for Encampment business
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Date you joined CAP *
Use MM/DD/YYYY format. Can be found in E-Services.
Have you applied for or plan to apply for any NCSAs for Summer 2016 that may have a date conflict? If so list the activity. *
If none type N/A
Which of the following Civil Air Patrol courses have you completed?
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Encampment Positions
The Command Staff positions of Encampment Commander, Deputy, Commandant have been filled.
What position are you applying for? *
First Preference
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Alternate Plans: Please indicate your intentions *
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Do you have any other activities or circumstances that would prevent you from serving in the staff position that you are applying for? Explain. *
Conflicting NCSA etc...
List other positions or activities that you have experienced that would further qualify you for the staff position you are applying for.
Please list type of activity, month & year, your position, location. Non CAP activities may be listed.
What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment? *
Does not have to be Civil Air Patrol but explain the accomplishment.
What is your plan? *
If you get your 1st choice position what do you plan to do that is unique, better, different from others that are applying for the same position?
List references that endorse your application. Include email address and position *
References Required - Your Deputy Commander of Cadets or Squadron Commander is required. Your Wing DCP, Etc.
Have you served on any encampment as staff before? *
Please list the encampments
Almost there!
Go back and read your responses BEFORE you submit. Only submit one application.
This is the first step.
This is not an Encampment Application.
IF you are selected for a position you will then be required to submit an encampment application at that time.
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