Solstice Chakra Reset - Nominate Someone
Scholarship Nomination Form: Please complete this form no later than Friday, March 20th! Thank you.

Option 2: I’m nominating a friend/loved one because they deserve this retreat!

At this time, we must limit this scholarship opportunity to residents of the U.S. or Jamaica only, and to people who have valid passports to travel to Jamaica.
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Have you told your nominee that you are nominating them for this retreat? (We understand the desire to keep these nominations as a surprise, but for the sake of planning travel, we ask that you inform them and make sure they are available!) *
Is your nominee able to take the time to travel to Jamaica from June 16-21, 2020? *
Have they traveled outside of the country before? Have they traveled to Jamaica? (If you live in Jamaica, please select other) *
Do you know if your nominee has a valid U.S. passport? *
If you answered yes above, please have them take a look at it NOW and list the expiration date below.
Why are you nominating your friend/loved one to attend A Solstice Chakra Reset? How do you think they will benefit from participating in this retreat? *
What abilities or experience do they already possess that will enable them to effectively share these skills with others? How do you envision them sharing these skills with their family/community members? *
How have they demonstrated their commitment to spiritual and personal growth in recent years? *
Why do you feel they are in need of/deserve this scholarship? *
Thanks for completing this nomination form for a friend/loved one to attend our Solstice Chakra Reset in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Please take the time to let them know that you have nominated them for this retreat. We will get back with them nominee soon about this scholarship opportunity. Please send them a link to the retreat page if they wish to know more:
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