SFUSD NGSS Chemistry Curriculum Access
**Please note that the main manager of access (Katrina Rotter) is on a travel sabbatical during 2023-24.  Responses to questions and requests for access may be slightly delayed**

We are happy to make our NGSS Chemistry course available to all to support districts, teachers and students to transition to the NGSS standards. This form is to gain access to the teacher materials for the SFUSD NGSS Chemistry course and intended for non-SFUSD educators.  

To see the student edition (publicly available), please go to: https://tinyurl.com/SF-Chem-Curriculum

Note: If you are an SFUSD teacher, you should search your district Google drive for "SFUSD Science Core Curriculum".  If you are an SFUSD student, search on Google Drive for "SFUSD Science" to find the student editions.

As we have reached the limit of individual users a Google folder can be shared with, we are now using Google Groups to manage the sharing.  Once you are verified, you will be added to a google group.  You will find the link to the teacher files in that group.  In the event your email can not be added to the group, we will share the google drive folder directly with you.  Either way, look for an email from Google!  
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