Pre-Consult Coaching Questionnaire
Thanks for your interest in working with me.  To help frame our conversation and get to know you a little better, please answer the questions below and submit the questionnaire.  I'm so excited to connect with you soon!  

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What is going really well in your life right now?  What do you appreciate?  What aspects of your current situation do you want to maintain or strengthen? *
What are your strengths?  What are you good at?  What are you proud of?   *
Sometimes this can be a really hard question and feel like bragging about yourself, but be confident!  
What are some areas of your life you’d like to change?  What needs to improve so you can feel even more fulfilled? *
What are any self-care practices that you use?  How do you appreciate and take care of yo’self? *
How do you feel like you treat yourself overall?  What critical voices play on repeat in your head?  Are there any negative messages you find yourself stuck in? *
When have you felt most alive?  Most yourself?  Most in the zone/in your flow? *
What talents do you have that you’re not currently using? *
Are you getting paid to do what you love? *
What’s missing from your life that you can’t shake? *
What type of accountability are you looking for?  Describe how you'd like to receive support from me, and how you work best.   *
Anything else that you think I should know about you?  Any questions you have about coaching, me or this process? *
Are you ready to own this process, your efforts, and your outcomes?   *
Are you ready to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try new things?
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Are you ready to recognize when mindset is holding you back and take responsibility for changing your thoughts?
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Are you ready to work with a coach as a thought partner, accountability buddy and resource?
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Do you have the time in life to dedicate to coaching calls and actions in between your sessions?
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I understand that I need to submit my questionnaire at least 24 hours before my consult so Lia can review. If not, my appointment will be cancelled and I'll be asked to reschedule.  
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