NOMADRattery Adoption Application
•There is no wait list, but do expect to wait for rats to be available - remember; we are a hobby rattery and are not always breeding. Sometimes, I go 3+ months in between litters.
•Reservations are first come first serve for those with completed and approved adoption applications on babies 4+ weeks of age or as posted on my Facebook page:
•Reservations will ONLY be made through our Nomadic Bohemian Rattery Facebook page as posted.
•Available babies/adults will RARELY be posted on our website but -ALWAYS on FACEBOOK- in the Available Rats album.
•There will always be a heads-up post 24 hours prior to putting the available babies post up.
•When the Available Rats post goes up, the first person to comment under each photo (always choose two photos/rats as they MUST go in pairs) gets 12 hours to put down a 50% deposit (I will message you or you can message me - which ever comes first). Detailed directions on this will be written on the post.
•As stated above, to secure your reservation, a deposit will be required through Paypal within 12 hours to hold the rats - if the deposit is not received within 12 hours, the second person who commented will get the opportunity to put down a deposit within 12 hours.
•If the Available Rats photo album is empty, that means there are no rats available for adoption.
•I will meet an adopter up to 15 minutes away for free. For anything further, I charge gas reimbursement of $2.60 per 20 miles, there and back, plus any tolls. I will drive up to one hour one way.
•If you have any questions about your application status, please message me through the rattery Facebook page. *I DO NOT CHECK EMAILS OFTEN*

✦Standard Marked (i.e. black, agouti, blue, albino, mink, patterns such as self and berkshire, blazed) & Himalayan
Top-ear: $25
Dumbo: $30

✦Specialty Variety
Silvermane, marble, RE marten, BE & RE siamese, burmese, tonkinese, merle
Top-ear: $40
Dumbo: $45
Recessive genes (roan)
Top-ear: $45
Dumbo: $50

✦Rex, Double Rex (looks hairless), Velveteen, & Satin Coat
Add $5 to total price per rat

✦Harley (long-haired) Coat
Add $20 to total price per rat

✦Dwarf Rats
Add $30 to total price per rat


Do you agree to the above procedure and policies? If no, there are many other places you can adopt rats from. *
Your name *
E-mail address: *
Your age (if under 18, please provide the name, phone number, and email of a parent or guardian) *
Do you rent or own? *
If you rent, are you allowed to have pets?
Please provide your ADDRESS (this is also public record) to verify if you rent or own. If your rent, please also provide your LANDLORD'S name and PHONE NUMBER so we can verify you are allowed to have pet rats. Failure to provide this information will result in your application automatically being denied. *
Are you interested in female or male rats: *
Type(s) of rat you are interested in:
Have you owned rats before? If yes, how many and for long long? *
How many rats do you have currently? Are they male and/or female? *
Where did you first hear about Nomadic Bohemian Rattery (formerly known as East Coast Rattery)? *
Why do you want rats from Nomadic Bohemian Rattery? *
What do you feed your rats and why? *
What type of bedding/litter do you use for your rats and why? *
Below, please attach a photo of the cage you plan to use, with the following: your name (the name written on this application/email) handwritten on a paper either held in front of the cage or taped to the cage. If you have not yet purchased a cage but plan to (which is required for your application to be approved), I will require a screenshot/photo of confirmation of purchase attached below, then once it is set up I require a photo as stated above (ie name written on a piece of paper held in front of the cage) -- People have copied and pasted photos of cages from google or elsewhere in the past so I am taking this measure to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for your cooperation. *
What type of toys/hides/cage accessories do you have or plan on having for your rats? *
If you already own rats (if you don't, please proceed to the next question), know that the introduction period can take days to months, or your current rats may never accept the newcomers. Therefore, please attach a photo of the cage your rats will be staying in during the intro process, and another one (if different than the intro cage) of the cage you will house them in if the intro process never works ***(include a paper in front of the cage(s) with your name written on it)***
Should the onset of sudden illness or emergency occur, will you bring your rat to the vet knowing it will cost upwards of $70 for often even “cheap” visits? *
If the answer to the above question is yes, what is the name, address, AND phone number of the veterinary clinic/hospital you bring your rats (or other pets) to? If you do not bring them to the vet, write "N/A" below.
Do you acknowledge that rats MUST go home in pairs or more (I only sell them in pairs or more, so please choose two babies when adopting)? *
Are you interested in breeding our rats? If you are, we do not increase the price of the rats we consider breeder quality but do ask that you contact us for further information specifically regarding this. Please note: we do not show our rats since our goal is to focus on lifespan/health/temperament and not on “show standard” looks or physical traits (besides, silvermane and marble rats are not currently standardized by the AFRMA). We want to match what we consider breeder quality rats with those interested in breeding them to carry on the mission of extending rat lifespan. *
If you ARE interested in breeding based off of the question above, please state WHY below:
If you can no longer care or provide for your rat, you shall contact me, the breeder, to HELP REHOME/TAKE BACK your rat(s) AND NO ONE ELSE. Do you agree to this (Yes / No)? If you do not agree to this, please explain why below: *
Do you agree to keep us updated on rats you adopt from us in regard to their temperament, health/health issues, and date of death? This is to keep a record of health issues (should cancer, respiratory issues, etc. develop), temperament, and age of death. This also helps determine if a line needs to be ended of who has good breeding potential. *
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