Application for Bettakultcha Speakers
If you're a timid first timer or an experienced pro, you can present at Bettakultcha.

You can talk about any subject you are passionate about (it doesn't have to be funny or unique).

BK is a great place to develop your public speaking confidence and develop your ideas.

The only rules are the format - 20 slides, 15 seconds each, 5 mins long. Oh, and NO SALES PITCHES, of course.

The BK crowd are waiting to hear from you! All you need to do is volunteer as tribute...

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Sometimes we film and/or photograph our events. Let us know if you're happy with this and we'll upload pics & video for you to share with friends and family. If not, no worries! We'll let our team know :D
Things to remember
Ok, 5 things you need to remember:

- Stick to the format (20 slides, 15 secs, 5 mins)
- No sales pitches, please
- No offensive or gratiutous material (if you're ever unsure about your content just ask us
- You can talk about ANY subject you like as long as you are passionate about it
- At the event you come FREE and get a FREE plus one!

And here a 5 tips:

- You CAN go off theme. Every theme is just a loose starting point, a little inspiration.
- Keep your slides short and sweet (a picture and 3-5 words will do, 15 seconds aint long)
- Use our FREE slide template, saves you time (and avoids the fiddly bits)
- Watch some talks for inspiration (search our YouTube channel)
- Start writing your talk and preparing your slides now!


If you know of someone else who you think would get a lot out of presenting then please share THIS sign up page with them. We're always looking for people and we would really appreciate it.


Talk Soon,
Lewis King, Bettakultcha Manager & Booker (Social Events)

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