Pain Points in Undergraduate Engineering
What course(s) do you teach?
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What is your typical class size?
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What are the concepts that sophomores and juniors struggle with most in your course?
If you teach more than one course, please list concepts per course.
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What materials are currently used to teach the concepts?
Select all that apply.
Are the materials adequate?
Poor Materials
Excellent Materials
Is software currently used? If so, what software and how is it used in the class?
Example: Matlab, used in front of class. (used in a lab, used at home, etc)
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What institutional resources are available for you to purchase software for your course?
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What facilities do you have to deploy 1 to 1 software.
Rank these approaches from worst (1) to best (5) in helping students with these difficult concepts.
Choose one option per column.
Least help
Best help
Get realtime feedback on you students’ understanding of the concepts
Explain the concept with interactive animations and video.
Provide practice with typical textbook problems.
Time with physical demonstrations and experiments.
Contextualize it in a real world problem that students solve using the concept.
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