'Spare Change' Grant Program
Hey, art friends, and welcome to the 'Spare Change' initiative!

Spare Change is a micro-grant program aimed at aiding Black, PoC, and LGBTQ+ artists with the cost of residency and open-call application fees. Every month, Art Friends will award (at least) one Black/PoC artist, and (at least) one LGBTQ+ artist with the spare change in our pockets.

Awesome, but why?
Well, beyond the fact that application fees are a drag, this barrier-to-entry disproportionately affects minority artists already disadvantaged by socio-economic factors. There are already enough barriers for minority artists in the art world, so we thought hey, why don't we use the spare change in our pockets to do something about it? Although it's a small initiative, we're hoping the program will encourage more minority artists to apply for bigger opportunities and get their art out there (because the world needs to see it).
Okay cool, so what are the details?
1) The 'Spare Change' initiative is open to Black, PoC, and LGBTQ+ artists
2) Every month, one (1) grant will be awarded to one (1) Black/PoC artist, and one (1) LGBTQ+ artist
3) Each grant will be worth up to $25 USD
4) The 'Spare Change' program will only fund residency and open-call application fees at this time
5) Artists that qualify for both grant categories can submit their application to both (though all artists will only be eligible to win one grant per month)
6) Applications will open on the 1st of every month, and will remain open until the 25th of that month until 11:59 PM EST
7) Both winners will be chosen at random on the 26th. The winners will be contacted via email, and announced on our Twitter page (@heyartfriends) that same day
8) Fund dispersement will occur by the 30th of every month
9) Funds will be dispersed via PayPal or CashApp (if you do not have one of these platforms, we will not be able to disperse the funds, sorry)
Sound like something for you? Then hit 'Next' to apply!
May the odds be ever in your favor, art friend.
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