Hey there!

I am so happy that you are considering joining the Team BST! As a team, we strive every day to help more people become comfortable in their skin, develop a more healthy and positive mindset, and just learn to enjoy life again. We are not just selling programs and products, we are answering prayers. We take great pride in developing relationships, and making sure every person that comes to us for help, feels respected, appreciated, and encouraged.

So many people feel cheated, lied to, and overwhelmed with all the options out there to help them live a healthier life. We are here to support them, guide them, and be that source of hope that things will change, they will make it stick this time, and that a new way of life is possible for them. That is our mission - getting people to trust us, and to find their 'happy' through our support groups.

We cannot do that, however, if we are losing sight of our vision, and not taking care of ourselves. People follow the examples before them, and we need to be the best example for the people coming to us for help. How can we help others if we cannot help ourselves? We are our most important supporter, and the foundation upon which all our customers stand.

Are you willing to be that person? Do you want to become stronger - MIND.BODY.SOUL - so that you can believe more in yourself, and help others to do the same? Are you ready to change lives, build relationships, and create a life of freedom for you and your family?

Regardless of whether you want to make this a full time job, or are simply in it for the discount, you're making a difference in this world just by taking care of YOU! There is potential to cover the cost of your programs and products, make a little extra spending money for you and your family, or create a six-figure income - it will be what you put into it, and that's only for you to decide.

Will you join me, and become a part of Team Buttsweat and Tears?

Your Coach,

Megan Sloup

"Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill."

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