Initial Nutrition Assessment
Please fill out this form to your best knowledge.
This will allow me to prepare better for our upcoming Initial consultaion.

Once you’ve completed your application, it may take up to 3 business days for me to process it.
If there will be any further questions neccessary to answer before our consultation will take its place I will be in touch by email.

After submitting your form you will be provided with selection of dates and times to book your Initial conslation that will be hold via online meeting portal on ZOOM.
Payment will be colected within 24h after our consultatioin using PayPal secure payment portal, direct link will be send to your email unless otherwise agreed upon.

Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you set your dream goal in motion.

With love Vera
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I am 100% committed and NEED to change my life!
Initial Consultation is a 60 min health, body and mindset assessment to help us create an action plan and set your healing journey in the motion. One time payment of $197.00 NZD will be collected withing 24h of our consultation. *
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Thank you for submitting your application for Initial Consultation.
I am looking forward to meeting you "in person" and providing you with answeres to your burning questions while creating an action plan to reach your goal and set yourself free.
I will be in touch soon to schedule your consultation to the most convenient day.

With Love Vera
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