Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley Min-e-Grants
Okay, members - let's have some great grant ideas! We encourage you to write these up separately and then copy and paste them into this form. There is no way to save and return to this page, so try to have everything ready when you submit.

All items except the last are required. We are especially curious about the connection to our areas of focus (education, entrepreneurship, and innovation).

See the narrative and items in the "IV. Restrictions" section of the document linked below for those projects which cannot be funded.

We expect that the work of preparing your answers and filling out the form will take no longer than an hour.

There is more detail about the thinking behind this program and the questions at this address:
Club Member's Name *
Note that our min-e-grants must be initiated by a member of the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley.
Best Email Address *
This is the one we can use if we have questions about your proposal.
Project Blurb *
Go with something descriptive here, such as, "community garden for senior citizens' center," or, "drinking water well for local village" - it should make it immediately obvious what the club is being asked to support. As the examples show, this does not need to be a full sentence, and really should be no more than 8-10 words.
Project Summary *
Please provide two to three sentences summarizing what will happen in the project. This will be used to share with the club if your proposal is selected for a min-e-grant.
Proposed Project *
This is the detailed part, and we are looking for a half-page to a page worth of information. You can include the need to be addressed, the objectives, the time frame, how the project is sustained after this contribution, etc. The more detail, the easier it will be for the grant committee to have confidence that these dollars will be well spent.
Connection to Focus *
Our eclub has a special focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and education. If this proposal speaks to one or more of these items, please tell how.
Partner Club/Organization *
Please provide the name of the Rotary club or other organization working to support this project. Include the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of at least two members of that organization.
Benefitting Organization *
Please provide the name of the benefitting organization. Include the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of at least one member of that organization. Additionally, provide the address to which a check would be sent should the proposal be approved.
Budget *
Please provide an explanation of the expenditures for the project, including what the grant funds will be used for, and how other sources of funding will contribute to the project. A match of requested funds from the partnering organization is required. The min-e-grant request can be for up to (U.S.) $250.
Report *
Once the project is in motion, the member will provide a report in the form of a weekly program to help the full club understand how we are helping with the effort in that member's community. Check "yes" below to commit to providing a program once the project is in motion.
Communication *
Once you have submitted this proposal, you agree not to contact members of the min-e-grant committee regarding the proposal.
eClub Colleague
List any other member of our club who will take part.
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