Community Webs: Empowering Public Libraries to Create Community History Web Archives
The Internet Archive is accepting applications from US-based public librarians interested in participating in a program of continuing education and training to enable libraries to build collections of local history content This program is offered by the Internet Archive in partnership with funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to provide subsidized training, professional development, and web archiving services. Read more about the program:

Before completing this application, please:

1. Read the full call for US-based applicants at and explore the FAQ page at to make sure you understand the requirements for participation. Send any questions to Community Programs Manager Lori Donovan at

2. Review all of the application questions and take time to prepare your responses. This is a competitive application process toward the selection of libraries from across the United States. We are excited to hear about your community, your library and your goals for participation!

3. Submit your completed application. Be sure to press “done” at the end of the application to submit your results—you’ll know it’s worked when you are redirected to a thank you page.

The information you submit in your application will be accessible to the Community Webs project team. Input from applications may be used in project reporting, but will not include any personally identifiable information.

If you are based in Canada or other international countries, you can apply as well! Find the applicable calls for applications at
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Please describe your library's experience with local history programming or collecting and any complementary programs that have been undertaken. You are not required to have experience in this area to apply. (250 word limit).
Demographics of community *
Please include the following general statistics of community served: population size, racial or ethnic distribution and income level. (250 word limit)
Documenting diverse and historically excluded or underrepresented communities is a goal of the program. Please tell us about the community your library serves. What makes it unique and how might your library’s participation in this project help document your community? (250 word limit) *
Which of the following positions best describes your role at the library? *
Do you have regular access to an internet-connected computer or laptop, as well as an audio connection (telephone or audio through your computer), to participate in online webinars and meetings and to access the online community of practice for this project?
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Will you be able to attend monthly virtual trainings and annual (grant-funded) in-person meetings (as travel restrictions allow) *
A significant part of the Community Webs program involves Web Archiving using the Archive-It Web Archiving Service. Web Archiving is defined by the International Internet Preservation Consortium as “the process of collecting portions of the World Wide Web to ensure the information is preserved in an archive for future researchers, historians and the public.” Please briefly describe your level of experience with Web Archiving. If you have prior experience, what tools have you used? *Note: prior experience with Web Archiving is NOT a requirement of the program. Participants will be given training in this topic.
If selected to participate in this project, you will be your library’s primary point of contact for all project activities. This will require ongoing accountability as part of the Community Webs cohort and project, as well as the facilitation of input and decision-making within your library and community to meet project goals. Please describe your personal and/or professional goals for participation, as well as how you (and your supervisor, if applicable) will coordinate your responsibilities to be successful in this project. (250 word limit.) *
We are committed to diversity both in the communities served by participating organizations, as well as in our growing community of cohort members. This voluntary self-identification question is intended to help assist us in our goal of building a diverse and inclusive program and your response will help us see how we are doing. NOTE: Submission of this information is strictly voluntary and choosing not to participate will not subject you to any adverse treatment or affect your consideration for cohort membership. This information will be kept secure and confidential. If you are comfortable, please answer the following: Do you identify as being part of one or more of the following communities: Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ2S+, people with disabilities?
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We are exploring possibilities for incorporating digitization of physical local history records into the Community Webs program. If subsidized digitization services were available, would your organization be interested? If yes, what types of local history records would you like to have digitized?
How did you hear about the Community Webs project?
Please share any additional questions or thoughts regarding your potential participation in Community Webs.
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