Let's get to know each other!
Answering the following questions will allow us to get to know each other a bit better. It will also enable the instructors, Kristi and Joerdis to cater parts of the course to your specific teaching needs.

Your answers will be shared with the instructors and the participants in this course as soon as you have completed the survey.

Looking forward to meet you here!
How would you like to be addressed in this course. (By what name and by what pronoun?) For privacy reasons, please don't use your last name!
What discipline(s) do you currently teach in? *
What is your motivation to participate in this FLOf course? Briefly explain what you hope to get out of it. *
What do you think you (will) like about learning online ? *
What are your expectations of the instructors in this course? *
If you've learned or taught online before, briefly tell us a bit about the last online learning/ teaching experience you've had. What did you like about it? What was challenging? *
Indicate your comfort-level with Moodle as an instructor. *
I know nothing or only very little about it so far.
I am an advanced user, who is very comfortable with it.
Do you have any questions or comments at this point? Please share them with us.
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