ACTEM-Microsoft Select Plus Registration Form
ACTEM's Select Agreement that all Maine schools & districts have purchased software from these last five years will be expiring as of May 31, 2015. ACTEM will be migrating all districts to a new "Select Plus" agreement as Microsoft no longer offers "Select" agreements.

All licenses purchased under the previous Select agreement are still valid and will not expire. All new licensing will be under a new "Select Plus" customer number that will be issued to you after you complete this registration.

ACTEM recommends that, when possible, you should register as a district. Registering as a district allows all schools within that district to purchase software under the Microsoft Select Customer Number for that district and eliminates the need for each school to complete this process.

Please complete all the information below so we may set up your district/school under our new Microsoft Select Plus Agreement.

If you have any questions about this form please contact:
Gary Lanoie, ACTEM Executive Director
Phone: 207-222-4353.

Thank you!

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ACTEM recommends registering as a district as that will allow all schools within that district to use the same Microsoft Select Plus customer number. Another benefit is that it will be easier to centralize and manage all licensing at the district level.
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