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Please select the event(s) and job(s) you would like to do. The Organizer of the event you sign up for will contact you to confirm. If volunteering for an event that is several weeks or months away, do not expect a response until closer to the event.
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You may select more than one job. Not all of the jobs listed are offered at every event, contact the Organizer for more information. The Organizer's contact information is listed on the MDA website.
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Parents - feel free to list your phone number if you wish to be contacted instead of your child.
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Parents - Please list your email address to be contacted as well as your child's.
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Often the Organizer and Secretary can accomodate riders wishing to volunteer if this need is known in advance.
The MDA wants it's policies and procedures to be user friendly! This method of signing up was designed to make volunteering easy, let us know if you found that to be true or not.
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