Week 1 Self-Reflection
CS 61BL Summer 2019
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How's it going this week?
What partner(s) did you work with in lab this week? *
Reflect on your partnerships *
For each partner, list roughly what percentage of the work they did this week (with your own work making up the remainder of the percentage). If you and your partner both worked together on everything, and you feel like you contributed equally, this number should be around 50%. If this number is far from 50%, please explain why.
Reflect on yourself
If you did either much more or much less than your share of work this week, how can you improve this in the coming week?
List any topic(s) you feel you found particularly confusing this week.
Please try to list no more than 3.
Was there anything particularly helpful this week that you'd like to see more of?
It could be something the lab staff did, something you liked about the lab exercises, something another student shared in lab, etc.
Any suggestions for how lecture could be improved next time?
Any suggestions for how your TA could improve your lab section this coming week?
How are you feeling about Enigma?
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