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Thank you for your interest in having us review your game!  Please complete the following form to submit your game for consideration and potential review.

This form is intended for developers, publishers, and publicists to submit UNSOLICITED review codes.  If we have contacted you regarding a review copy, do not use this form and instead contact the writer directly.

SUBMITTING YOUR REVIEW CODE HERE DOES NOT GUARANTEE WE WILL REVIEW YOUR GAME.  We will consider all requests submitted through this form, but will only review games which we feel are relevant to our audience and content.  Additionally, Gaming Conviction will NEVER review or promote any game which contains gratuitous amounts of sexually explicit content, or games that promote terrorism or unlawful activity.  If we decide not to review your game, you will not receive further notification.

Please submit this form ONLY ONCE per game you would like us to review.  Multiple submissions will not speed consideration.

Thanks again for your interest in having us review your game!  Best of luck to you and your team, and we hope to talk to you soon!
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Thank you again for contacting us to review your game!  Our staff will consider your submission within the next few days, and will let you know when we have completed our review.
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