EducA Benidorm test de nivel A2-B1 - Adolescentes y adultos
Este test aborda los aspectos más importantes de gramática desde el nivel inicial A1 hasta el B1.
Al final del test encontrarás un ejercicio de LISTENING que también deberás contestar.
Una vez finalizado el test, nos pondremos en contacto contigo para una entrevista personal.
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Nivel KET (A1-A2) y PET (B1)
Es necesario que evites contestar aquellas preguntas que NO sabes puesto que necesitamos saber tu nivel REAL para aconsejarte el mejor curso.
1 Cambridge ______ a beautiful city.
2 I´m ______ taxi-driver.
3 My sister ______.
4 John and Tom are ______ friends.
5 This is my boyfriend. ______ French.
6 My teacher's from Canada, and ______ name's Lisa.
7 JANE Is there a bus stop near here?/ SUE ______.
8 Anna ______ in a bank.
9 I can ______ Spanish.
10 Let's ______ tennis today.
11 What time ______ get up in the morning?
12 ______ is this T-shirt?
13 Mel loves snow but Tom doesn't ______ it.
14 I ______ to Italy for my holiday last year.
15 Jeff and Nancy ______to watch a film tonight.
16 I'm ______. I want a sandwich.
17 Hello, ______ I speak to Jane, please?
18 What's your ______ sport?
19 JOE When's our next lesson? / STEVE _____ Wednesday.
20 Sorry, I haven't got ______ coffee. Is tea OK?
21 WAITER Anything else, sir? / CUSTOMER ______.
22 Jim ______ got a car.
23 What ______ Simon for his birthday?
24 Excuse me. ______ got the time, please?
25 ______ on the internet is easy.
26 There aren't ______ new houses in that street.
27 London is ______ expensive than New York.
28 What ______ the food like at the party last night?
29 Look! It ______.
30 Alex loves giving presents. He's very _______.
31 What's _____? You look upset.
32 I enjoy ______ because I like laughing.
33 Hi George! ______ a good weekend?
34 ______ to go for a pizza this evening?
35 If you want to get fit, you ______ do more sport.
36 Have you ever ______ to Australia?
37 I ______18 years old when I started my first job.
38 I didn't ______ TV last night.
39 My grandfather was born eighty years ______.
40 It was nice to meet you. See you ______, I hope.
41 I'm ______ sorry, but I can't come to your party tonight.
42 John ______ his wife in 2004.
43 I'm sure ______ a great time at the party next Saturday.
44 How much time do you ______ doing your English homework?
46 Jane is the ______ girl in her class.
47 Excuse me, I ______ if you could show me the way to the train station?
48 In England people usually ______ hands when they first meet.
49 Hurry up or we'll ______ our train.
50 I was so ______ yesterday because I fell asleep in class.
51 ______ anything next Friday?
52 Many types of watches ______ in Switzerland?
53 I ______ my driving test last week, so now I'll have to take it again.
54 SUSAN I've got four sisters/ RUTH ______ you?
55 What would you do if you ______ a million pounds?
56 I´m trying to ______ money to buy a new car.
LISTENING - Escúchalo una vez y responde las preguntas de abajo
1 The radio celebrates an annual competition to find _________.
2 If you want to enter the competition, you have to live within _________ of the city centre.
3 The sports centre will be open at _________.
4 The most popular sport is _________.
5 The rock group has __________ members.
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