DSM SWIPO WG application form
Dear reader, thank you for your interest in the DSM SWIPO Working Group and its sub groups, currently IaaS and SaaS sub-WGs.

This form captures some details of your application to join the ranks on this group as observer, or member. The first part asks some personal details, and the second part deals with your application as contributing member or observer.

Please fill out this form ad accurately as possible.

In accordance with GDPR, your personal data insofar collected in this form will be collected, stored, and published at a later time for transparency reasons.

Specifically, we are collecting your Email address - in fact, this form required you to sign in with a Google account for technical reasons - for two purposes: (a) To enable you to upload your CV if you wish to do so, and (b) To subscribe you to the relevant mailing lists and shared Google folders and files.

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Please provide your first name and last name.
Your affiliation (for the purpose of this WG) *
It is perfectly ok to represent your employing organisation, or an interest group, such as trade bodies, non-profit organisations, or any other identifiable organisation.
Do you wish to join as a contributing member, or as an observer? *
Observers are welcome to join, generally to be "kept in the loop", to monitor and track, but not contribute or vote. Members are expected to proactively contribute to discussions and participate in developing the codes of conduct of the WG.
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