EXPO Crew Intern 2019 Application
Do you love CYT, working long hours, are 19 or older, and are looking for an adventure? Then you might be the perfect EXPO Crew Intern! This position will be selected by application and is not for the faint of heart. The intern position is unpaid, but room and food at EXPO are covered (travel is at your own expense). These individuals will report to the EXPO Crew Bosses, as well as the main EXPO staff. This position can be filled by anyone from a recently graduated student to other young leaders in local affiliates. Our desire is to have an array of individuals from affiliates across the country. They are the hardest workers at EXPO, performing non-glamorous tasks, without promise of fame or glory! Who’s in?! Apply today to join the Crew and have the most fun of your 2019 life.

Arrive in San Diego: Tuesday, June 25th, by 11am
EXPO: Wednesday, June 26th - Saturday, June 29th
Head home: Sunday, June 30th

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