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Review Questions
All of the questions in this section are either taken directly from questions from the class notes (some have been slightly reworded here for clarity). They are intended to check that you understand important material covered in class. You should be able to answer them clearly, correctly, and concisely.
1. What is an operating system?
2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of hardware-based memory isolation over software-based memory isolation?
3. What are the most important design goals for an operating system scheduler today?
4. What is the largest file that can be store using the Unix System 5 file system?
(You can answer with just the number of bytes, but if you include an explanation you may get credit for an incorrect but close answer.)
5. How should file systems be re-designed to account for flash memory used in SSDs?
6. How can you implement mutual exclusion using test-and-set?
7. What are the design tradeoffs one should consider in putting something in the kernel?
8. What aspects of an operating system must be in the kernel and why?
Synthesis Questions
These questions are questions you have not seen before. They are designed to see how well you understand and can use and explain important concepts from the class.
9. Explain the main things you would need to do to extend IronKernel to support running a web server as a user-level process.
10. What do you expect will be the most widely used operating systems in 2029?
I'm not asking for brand names or buzzwords here, but your thoughts on what properties you would expect the most widely used OSes in 2029 to have and a good justification supporting your answer.
11. Pick one of the final projects presented in class, other than your own project, and explain one technical challenge faced by that project and an approach to solving it.
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