We want your brilliant ideas!
Thanks to the support of our local community, SASH Charity has an incredible £100,000 to spend on staff welfare at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

We would love to hear from staff in any part of SASH, about how donated money could best help hospital staff. What are the really brilliant things which would help you and your colleagues?

Our local community have run marathons, sponsored friends, sold cakes, cycled, swum miles to raise this money for you. We want to find really wonderful ideas to help staff and patients here using this money. Things our community can be super proud to have supported.

We have approximately £100,000 in total from our local community which we can spend on staff

Let's try and do things where the benefit is really seen and felt by as many staff as possible

The money can't be used to subsidise things which the NHS should fund, it's for over and above things, not things which are required for patient safety/the normal running of a hospital/department.

Feel free to copy great ideas which you've seen elsewhere at other organisations from any sector (not just NHS!)
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Roughly how much do you estimate this would cost? (We have a total amount of c£100,000 available to use, and will have to raise more money to spend more!)
Is there an example of this being done brilliantly elsewhere which you've seen? (A website/link would be super helpful if you've seen one)
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