The Colony Public Library Strategic Planning Survey
We need your help! The Colony Public Library is developing a new strategic plan aimed at providing the very best services for our community. As we embark on this long-range planning process that will set our priorities for the next few years, we want to make sure that our decisions reflect what you want from your library.

Please take a few minutes to help us plan the library's future by sharing your thoughts in this anonymous survey. Your answers will be incorporated into the library's new strategic plan and will be used as we make decisions about library programs and services.

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time and input!

Want to share even more? We'll also be running several focus groups as part of the planning process. These small-group discussions will give us the opportunity to get more in-depth and detailed feedback from selected community members. Email if you are interested in participating in a focus group.
Do you have a library card with The Colony Public Library? *
On average, how often do you visit The Colony Public Library? *
On average, how often do you use The Colony Public Library's digital and online resources? *
Overall, how important is The Colony Public Library to you and your family? *
Very Important
Not Important
Please rate the importance of The Colony Public Library's current services to you and your family. *
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Less Important
Not Important
Did not know it was available
Borrowing physical materials (books, movies, music, etc.)
Borrowing special collections materials (fishing poles, kits, mobile hotspots, etc.)
Borrowing digital materials (downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, movies, etc.)
Children's programs & classes
Teen programs & classes
Adult programs & classes
Reference services (information/help from librarians)
Online resources (education, health, DIY, business, etc.)
Computers, printers, WiFi, etc.
Help using computers, printers, WiFi, etc.
Quiet reading/study areas
Makerspace technology (3D printer, vinyl cutter)
How would you rate The Colony Public Library's current services? *
Don't Know/Not Applicable
Customer service
Physical materials (books, movies, special collections, etc.)
Digital materials (downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, movies, etc.)
Programs (classes, story times, presentations, etc.)
Online resources (education, health, DIY, business, etc.)
Computers & printers
Internet & WiFi access
Online catalog
Hours of operation
Communication (social media, newsletter, signage, etc.)
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