2017-18 at land’s edge  Research Fellowship  Application        
APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 6, 2017, 11:59PM PST
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What is your name? *
Where in Southern California are you located? *
What is the best way to contact you (email, phone, other)? *
When were you born? *
If you attended secondary school and/or college, which school(s) did you attend and, if applicable, what degree(s) did you earn? If you did not attend secondary school and/or college, to what/where do you attribute your learning? *
What is your preferred learning style?
What choices/conditions/relationships/places have contributed to the making of who you are today? *
What life experiences inform the cultural work that you do? What options and limitations have shaped the kind of art/cultural work you create? *
How will the fellowship help you at this moment in your life? What experiences inform your desire to apply for this fellowship? How do these experiences make you a strong candidate for this program? *
What do the concepts of culture, memory, and resistance mean to you at this time? *
How can we begin to resist and transform the violence of this historical moment through cultural production? *
Which aspects of the at land's edge vision and the Southern California Library's mission appeal to you? Please be specific.  (at land's edge vision statement: http://www.atlandsedge.com/vision/ Southern California Library mission: http://www.socallib.org/scl-about/) *
All fellows pursue research projects that can either be developed as an individual or as a group with other fellows. What ideas do you have for this project? If you plan to work on an existing project, please be specific about where the project currently stands and what research you will need to conduct during the fellowship program. What kind of help do you think you will need in order to realize your project ideas or to accomplish your project goals? *
The at land's edge Research Fellowship requires a commitment of eight months and mandatory attendance at all meetings, seminars, workshops, and public programs. For a complete list of dates when the fellowship will take place, please consult the calendar at the end of the open call. It also requires all fellows to participate in the organization of the at land’s edge platform. Are you able to fulfill these commitments? Are there any variables that could affect your participation? *
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