OSSTF/FEESO District 1 - Expense Voucher

Step 1: Begin by entering the basic contact information, along with selecting your Bargaining Unit and to which you are submitting the expense claim.

Step 2: Identify the Name of the Function related to the expense, and add the various expenses.

Step 3: Attach any electronic copies of receipts.

Step 4: Submit the completed voucher after all expenses are added and supporting attachments (receipts, etc.) are attached.

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Please describe your transportation expenses: Not Applicable, Personal Vehicle ($0.50/km), Parking, Air, Train, Bus, Taxi, etc.)
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Maximum Expenditures to be Approved: $13 Breakfast, $20 Lunch, $47 Supper, or Not Applicable
List Other Expenses Here: *
Please list Other Expenses such as Office Expenses, Supply Teacher, Telephone Calls, Printing, Postage, Other (or Not Applicable), with the $ dollar amounts associated with each Expense Category and receipt here. FOR EXAMPLE 1) Office Expense: $19.94 for Union Notebook @ Staples; 2) Printing; $18.17 for CBA hard copies @ ABC Printing.
Additional Notes
Please enter the total $ amount of all expenses being claimed with this voucher.
Upload All Receipts - please INCLUDE YOUR NAME in the name of each receipt document/photo/file that you upload. (i.e. $3.95 Joe Smith meal expense)
FORM SUBMISSION (electronic signature)
Note: by submitting this Expense Voucher you are certifying that your expenses are in keeping with OSSTF/FEESO District Allowable Expenditure for Federation Activities guidelines.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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