2020 Bates Smart Award Entry Form

The Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media returns as Australia’s most prestigious media award for journalists, editors, producers and event organisers working in the field of architecture and design. After a three year hiatus the Victorian Chapter and its members have successfully campaigned for its return to continue to encourage and to recognise media discussion of architecture.

The Award is open to entries from electronic, print, specialist, popular and online media, and specialist architectural and design focused public events. Due to the unscheduled break of this award, this year we will be accepting entries from 2017, 2018 and 2019. Submissions should have been broadcast, published, circulated, or have occurred in Victoria within the 36 months prior to 31st December 2019.

Established in 1986 the Award became an integral part of the Australian Institute of Architects annual Awards Night in Victoria with Bates Smart sponsoring the Award since its inception.

The Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media is designed to increase public engagement and media exposure of the work of the profession, as well as encouraging high-quality debate about architecture in Australia.

The Award recognises the role and contribution of people who:
• bring architecture to the attention of the general public
• create awareness of architectural practice
• generate quality public debate about architectural issues and,
• provide information for relevant professionals and specialists in the areas of architecture, interior design and environmental design.


Along with the submission of this form, the following material will be requested after this form is completed:

1. Four hard copies of the submission
2. One digital high res black & white photograph of the author/producer
3. One high res image of the entry such as the book's front cover or promotional image
4. Up to two additional high res supporting images
5. Entry fee of $80 (exclusive of GST) per entry

On receipt of your online entry form, you will be contacted with information about the submission of additional material and payment.

Entries close 27 March 2020.

To be eligible, submissions need to have been:
• written or produced by a resident of Victoria, or
• circulated, or occurred in Victoria, or
• about an architectural topic relevant to Victoria

1. The submission should provoke active discussion, incite informed responses and challenge public perception about the work of architects, interior designers, urban and environmental designers, both in the built and unbuilt environment.
2. The submission should reflect an intelligent, balanced yet critical, well-reasoned and evocative view of the subject under discussion. This may well include the author/organiser’s passionate expression or opinion but this should be clearly differentiated.
3. The submission should demonstrate the author/organiser’s awareness of architecture’s social and educational context.
4. Where visual images are part of the submission they should be highly competent and support the communication of the messages intended.
5. Coherence of visual, written or spoken commentary is essential.
6. The submission must reflect standards of excellence expected of the participating media. It should be well designed and well written in plain English to easily communicate with economy, imagination and coherence.

The Jury may decide, entirely at its discretion, to offer one or more awards that recognise excellence. They may also choose not to award in any year.
For more information please the Victorian Chapter Awards & Prizes Coordinator jason.stanton@architecture.com.au

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