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Every year I usually do some sort of "challenge" and allow guest authors to post short stories that follow a certain theme.  I took a hiatus to deal with my illness #Cancersucks but I'm back!!!

This year I want to host writers who've created their version of a holiday story with a dark twist. It can be dark romance, dark sci fi, it can even have a happy ending...of sorts. Those of you familiar with my writing know I live for twists and turns and the unexpected.  Your story can be a wild (or mild) as you decide, but if it is adult themed, a disclaimer can be posted.  Other than that, I'm open to most anything  as long as it doesn't promote hate, violence, incest or abuse.

Each story will be posted for a week and a half beginning November 15th. I will continue posting until late January or Early February.

Please complete the form below and I will contact you if I feel your story fits the theme.

Thanks  and Happy Writing!!!

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