#botscamp Session Registration
Hi, my name is Sparky, the virtual assistant of the botscamp.

Thanks for your interest to present @botscamp - the first worldwide online conference about bots, AI and machine learning.

All session proposals will be presented to the participants of the #botscamp. They will vote about the sessions they like to experience.

Write the best you can and link your great stuff to deliver evidence. Specify the time zone you will broadcast from - the botscamp has CET time - Barcelona & Zurich.

After your registration as a speaker we do a 15 minutes interview with you - to introduce each other, complete a tech check and record your 1-minute explainer video - about your bot product or service, your research or other related topic.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us in slack only - the communication and knowledge exchange center of the botscamp.

Cheerio, till soon

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