River Valley Birth Center Satisfaction Survey
Please provide us with your feedback about the care we provided as well as the facility. This helps us continue to improve how we provide services. We read every single survey and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and experience with us. We have collected feedback and surveys since we first opened and the thoughts and opinions of our clients have shaped the services we provide as well as aspects of the facility we provide it in.

Of special note: If your care was in March 2020 or beyond.... well... yeah, we know things are different. Please know that we will also be REALLY excited each time we are able to make another step towards "normal" as we miss it too. Some of the questions may feel difficult to answer, so just provide what feedback you wish. We appreciate your patience with us as the learning curve was steep and many adjustments happened quickly. If any aspects of your care felt bumpy, we apologize and each day we smooth out a few more details.
Your Name (optional, this can also be completed anonymously)
How did you learn about River Valley Birth Center?
What year did you birth with us? If you transferred out of our care prenatally, what year was your care? (if you want to review multiple courses of care you may fill out this form more than once, or select multiple years, whichever makes sense to you)
How did you feel about the length of appointments?
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What was your *typical* wait time for your appointment to start? Please base the answer on your appointment time rather than your arrival, if you arrived early. This question also applies to virtual visits.
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We strive to make our facility comfortable and relaxed. Was the facility comfortable and adequate? If improvements are needed, please provide us with feedback on what we can improve!
What interested you in receiving care at a birth center? What were you looking to get out of your care and experience?
If you transferred into our care from another provider can you share a little about what brought you to that decision?
Did the care you received at RVBC meet your expectations?
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If our care did not meet your expectations, where did we fall short?
What was your favorite thing about the care you received? Is there a particular provider who you want to provide feedback for?
Were there any student midwives who participated in your care and if so, do you have any feedback you wish to share?
If you started care with RVBC and chose to transfer to another provider during your pregnancy we would appreciate if you would share your experience and why that was the right choice for you.
If you were transferred/transported to a higher level of care either during pregnancy or during your birthing time, it is our hope that this process went as smoothly as possible. We strive to provide informed consent and shared decision making during times when complexities arise. If you were transferred or transported or your newborn experienced a transport and you have any feedback for us, we would appreciate hearing it.
Did you feel encouraged by your provider(s) to make appointments based on your individual needs? Did you feel encouraged to call, send a message, or to schedule appointments if you had concerns?
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Would you recommend River Valley Birth Center to your friends/family/community members?
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Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns? Do you have any suggestions for improvements we can make to provide better care? We also will happily accept praise if you are feeling positive about your care and do not have any current concerns!
If you would like the director of River Valley Birth Center to contact you for follow-up on any of your answers, please provide contact information.
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