Join our OKIOSHARE Program to get a free OKIOCAM!
The OKIOSHARE Program is a unique opportunity for teachers and educators to experience the convenience of OKIOCAM and inspire people with your videos.

How OKIOSHARE works:
1. We give away a limited amount of OKIOCAMs to teachers and educators every month.
2. The recipients use your OKIOCAM to produce educational or creative videos.
3. All recipients are required to share at least one video with us within two months of receiving the camera.
4. The video doesn’t necessarily have to be any particular length. You can create stop motion animation, time-lapse videos, educational videos teaching math, STEM, or art, narrated storytime videos, or remote teaching video lessons, etc
5. Videos can be shared with us via Google Drive, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

Please note, OKIOSHARE Program is only open to the United States of America.
We promise to respect your privacy. We do NOT share your information with any 3rd party! 
Please read our privacy policy:
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