2019 customer service survey - City of Aransas Pass
Please take a few moments to fill out the survey below and tell us what you think about your City services. If you are completing the paper survey, return it to City Hall when you pay your utility bill or mail it to: Office of City Manager, 600 W Cleveland Blvd, Aransas Pass, TX 78336. The results of this survey will be compared to last year's survey.
How would you describe the City of Aransas Pass as a place to live? *
How do you rate the overall quality of services provided by the City of Aransas Pass? *
Were you treated courteously in your last contact with the City? *
How would you rate the overall appearance of the City? *
How important is Code Enforcement to the City? *
Aransas Pass has made progress with our annexation efforts. Are you in agreement with the City's goals of protecting the area near our city limits and protecting our coastline? *
Keeping in mind that recovery from a major hurricane takes at least 5 years, have you noticed improvements in Aransas Pass following the August 2017 Category 4 Hurricane, Harvey? *
For each of the following City services and conditions, please indicate your overall opinion based on your experience with, or observations of, during the past 12 months. *
No Contact
Building Permits & Inspections
Your experience obtaining various City permits
Animal Control
Sewer Service
Storm Water Drainage
Regular Trash Pick-up
Monthly Bulk Items Pick-up
Street Maintenance
City Sidewalks
Utility Bill Payments i.e (sewer/water)
Aransas Pass Downtown
Civic Center
Aquatic Center
Municipal Court
Emergency Services
How safe do you feel living in Aransas Pass
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