Mat Rental & Teacher Request Form
This form is used to request a mat rental and/or a yoga instructor between the UBC Yoga Club and you!

Please submit requests at least 2 weeks prior to the event, as they may take up to 2 weeks to confirm. Requests in which the event is less than a week away may not be accepted.

If this is for your own event, where you just need provision of mats and/or instructors on behalf of UBC Yoga Club, please email upon completion of the form.

If this is for a collaborative event with UBC Yoga Club, please email the VP Events at upon completion of the form.
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Mat rentals will be $1/mat, with a $100 refundable deposit upon mat checkout. Fees can be waived based on consultation. Please email VP Events at to discuss the fee waiver.
Checkout and Return Date and Time *
Please note that check out and return can only be on weekdays Monday to Friday. If mats need to be kept over the weekend, please email
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I understand that I must give a $100 deposit when I collect the mats and that I will get the $100 back when I return the mats *
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Do You Need a Yoga Instructor? *
I Understand That I Need to Pay the Instructor *
All instructors MUST be paid by the group/organization. The rate is set by the teacher, usually ranging from $38 –$48 per hour. Teachers for classes that go under an hour will be still paid by the full hour. For more details on payment options please email
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