Gambling Information Survey
This is a survey about gambling-related behaviors, experiences and attitudes. You will be able to answer whether or not you have done or experienced any of these situations. You do not have to answer these questions.
Please do not write your name on this survey. Your answers will be kept confidential; no one will know how you answered unless you tell them.
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If you have ever bet, or wagered something of value, how old were you when you placed your first bet?
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If you bet/gambled for money or something of value, please mark the places you made bets. (Mark all that apply) *
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How many people do you personally know (friends, family, or peers) who bet/gamble regularly (once a week or more)? *
During the last 12 months, how often have you bet, even casually, for money or anything of value in the following ways? Card games (poker, blackjack, etc.) *
Games of skill (pool, darts, video games, etc.) *
Sports (including Fantasy Football and March Madness) *
Lottery (scratch offs, Powerball, pull tabs, etc.) *
Bingo *
Dice games *
Gambling machines *
Horse or dog racing *
Online gambling *
Personal challenges (like a dare) *
Bet/gambled in some other way *
Mark all of the statements that are TRUE about your betting / gambling over the past 12 months. *
In the past 12 months, what is the largest amount of money (or valuables) you place in a single bet? *
If more than $100, what amount $ *
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