GET Labs 2014 Application
Please answer a few questions about the research activity that you would like to pursue at the 2014 GET Labs event, which will be held at the end of April in Boston as part of the GET Conference:

We will use your responses for internal evaluation purposes only.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
or, send Jason Bobe an email
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1. What is your name? *
2. What is your email address? *
3. What is the name of your organization / institution / company? *
4. What is the draft title of the study or activity you would like to feature at GET Labs 2014? *
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5. Briefly tell us more about it *
maximum 1000 characters, which is about 2 paragraphs, or less.
6. Please share any URLs related to your project, if available
separate each URL with a space or carriage return
7. Do you have IRB approval for your proposed activity? *
8. Do you have funding in place already to support your proposed activity? *
9. Tell us about any special requirements for conducting your study at GET Labs 2014
Such as electrical power, environmental controls, a private room, specialized or sensitive equipment, phlebotomy, sink access, etc.
10. Do you agree to return computable datasets to people who participate in your activity? *
"computable dataset" is defined as individual level, raw data and not just summary results, in a format that is machine readable (e.g. csv not pdf)
11. We need your help to identify researchers with great projects.  We expect (and hope!) GET Labs 2014 to be much larger than last year.  Do you know anyone?
Please feel free to send them the link to this application form or let us know name, email or website details and we will reach out.
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