Sign the Postcard: Urge Congress to Oppose Trump's Muslim and Refugee Bans, and to Protect Refugee Resettlement
January 27th, 2018 marks one year of the Trump administration's relentless bans on Muslims and refugees. We need Congress to hear loud and clear that their constituents oppose these bans.

Fill out this form to electronically sign the postcard that is also available for downloading and printing at After you sign, encourage your friends, family, coworkers, and social media networks to do the same.

You can also print out a few copies to gather signatures at your upcoming events! While you only need to sign one electronic card, we encourage those signing printed cards to sign three - one for each of their two Senators and one Representative. You can collect them after an event and hand deliver them to your Senators' and Representatives' local offices, or mail them in a group. Find addresses of local congressional offices at and

If you like, you can modify the postcard (add a logo, etc.) by going to (Note: You will have to create a free Canva account to do so).
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