Tyrone Area School District Continuity of Education Survey
Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we explore options for the continuity of education during the mandated school closure, the TASD continues to formulate a plan to best help students and their families progress educationally. Please understand that we will be considering all available options and depending on the length of time that school is closed, we may need to employ a combination of online instruction, in-home paper/pencil activities, extended school days, and/or lengthening the school year.

As we strive to find ways to best support your student's educational needs, we are asking that you complete the questionnaire below to better inform us of the technology currently available in your home.

PLEASE COMPLETE ONE SURVEY PER HOUSEHOLD, UNLESS students could potentially be working from multiple households (ex. caregiver's house and one's own house). In this case, please complete one survey for each home in which they would work.
Student Information
In this section please enter the names of any students in the household. When complete scroll to the Technology Information section.
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Technology Information
Please complete all of the following questions so we can .better understand the technology capabilities in your household.
Check the box that best describes the highest speed internet access you have in your home. *
If we were to implement an "in-home" learning experience, is there an adult available during the day to support your child/children as they complete assignments? *
If we were to implement an online learning experience, does each child in this household have an available computer, iPad or Chromebook for their exclusive use? (This may be a school issued device they have in their possession or a personal device; however, because of the possibility of overlapping instructional schedules, this cannot be a shared device.) *
If your answer to the previous question was No, how many students in your household do not have a device to use?
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