Oaklea - JC ONLINE Student Application
This is an application to request enrollment in the JC Online program. The application may be denied if the student does not meet the criteria, if the student with their parent does not complete the application 100%, or follow the application process directions.

This application is for the NEXT trimester. Students are only enrolled in online classes in the middle of a term under special circumstances.

Before filling out this application, students and parent/guardian need to have a conversation about online classes. If your parents/guardians do not approve, the application will not move forward. If there are questions about how JC Online works please contact JC Online Coordinator Mrs. Jackson at ljackson@junctioncity.k12.or.us.

STEP 2 – MEET WITH YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR or PRINCIPAL (or have gone through another process with the District Office)
If you or your student is currently an OMS student, you MUST meet with your school counselor or a school principal. Based on the conversation you have, your school counselor or school principal can refer you to the JC Online application for you and a parent/guardian to fill out online.

STEP 3 - fill out the online application
Your JC Online application will be reviewed by an Enrollment Team within approximately one week after you submit a COMPLETE application. After the Enrollment Team reviews your application and a decision is reached, the JC Online Coordinator Mrs. Jackson will let you know what decision was reached by the enrollment team. If your application is denied contact Mrs. Jackson for the appeal process.

STEP 4 - If the application is approved, your next step will be to complete the enrollment process with JC Online / Mrs. Jackson.
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