2021 Co-production City Tour Project Circusstad
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You're application must be submitted before Sunday July 7th  2020 If you have any questions please contact maaike@circusstad.nl Thank you very much for your application. You can submit this form in ENGLISH or NEDERLANDS
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Please motivate why you'd like to be selected to make a performance in the CITYTOUR for Circusstad Festival 2021? How does this project help you to achieve your (longterm) artistic goals? *
Please describe in max 250 words your idea for this new show for the circus-city tour? Is it a solo? A collaboration? Live music? What circus disciplines will it involve etc. In other words: the sales pitch please *
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Can you tell us more about how you can make it plug&play/self supporting technically? *
Please tell us your  ideas and/or contacts on how to tour this performance further? *
 What kind of support could you benefit from is this creation: Artistic: Which artistic coach(es), director(s), choreographer(s), scenograph(s) costume/props designers, etc would you'd like to work with for this CITYTOUR project? And please tell us why you'd specifically like to work with them. * Is also non-artistic  support needed? Production / Marketing / Fundraising / Finances *
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Do you have more projects in 2020/2021 where you'll participate in? if yes: can you already specify the periods? *
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