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In order to submit reviews you must be a member of the YA Readers Advisory Board. Remember to be polite, respectful and appropriate in your reviews. Please use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. The librarian reserves the right to edit reviews before posting them online.

And remember, these reviews will be online for the public to view.
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Summarize the book in 3-5 complete sentences. No spoilers! Please refrain from sentences like: "I was so sad when ___ was eaten by that zombie!" or "I can't believe ___ turned out to be the murderer!" or "I can't believe she/he chose ___ over ___!"
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Give your opinion of the book in 3-5 complete sentences. Did you like the characters, the plot, the setting? Was the book exciting or boring? Was the book a quick read or did it drag out? Was the premise of the book something new or something that's been done before? If the book is from a genre you love (i.e. dystopian, romance, mystery etc.) how did it compare to similar books you've read? If it was a new genre for you, did the book make you want to read more titles like it?
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