Richmond City Democratic Committee Membership Form 2018-2019
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About RCDC
The Richmond City Democratic Committee is the official arm of the Democratic Party of Virginia in the City of Richmond. Committee responsibilities include recruiting, nominating, endorsing and electing democratic candidates for office; registering voters; increasing Democratic voter turnout; and representing the interests of Richmond’s Democratic voters to the state and national democratic parties.

RCDC meets on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:30 p.m. All committee meetings are open to the public. Only individuals who have been elected as committee members are entitled to vote on committee business. Committee members must notify the Secretary in advance either in person, by telephone, or in writing if they are unable attend a particular meeting.

RCDC Membership Rights & Responsibilities
Membership Positions:
- Precinct Chair (1 per precinct)
- Ward-At-Large Member (40 per ward / city council district)
- City-At-Large Member (75)

Membership Rights and Responsibilities:
- Fully participate in and vote on RCDC Committee business
- Abide by the Democratic Party Plan and the RCDC Bylaws
- Attend all RCDC meetings
- Campaign actively on behalf of all Democratic nominees
- Support precinct-level voter outreach and community engagement
- Support fundraising efforts for RCDC and Democratic candidates
- Fulfill such other responsibilities as the RCDC Chair may assign

I have reviewed the description of RCDC and the responsibilities of membership, and I want to apply for membership: *
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