Sisterhood Survey April 2021
Your input matters. This survey is an opportunity for you to share your feelings about the future direction you would like to see Sisterhood take and how you would like to participate in Sisterhood. The results will help us in the process of moving forward. Thank you for completing this survey.
Would you prefer the Sisterhood leadership structure to be… (choose 1) *
Sisterhood has historically been financially and physically responsible for providing Shabbat Kiddush. Should it be the responsibility of Sisterhood to provide Kiddush? *
If you answered yes to #2, are you interested in volunteering (e.g. making food and/or serving Kugel during Kiddush)?
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We have one of the finest Sisterhood gift shops. Additional volunteers are needed. Volunteering opportunities include (not limited to) helping at special holiday sales, merchandising, learning how to manage the gift shop, and covering sales shifts when the shop is open. *
What events are of interest to you? *
We love new programming ideas. Do you have an area of expertise you are interested in sharing with the Sisterhood and Adat Shalom members?
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If you answered yes in the above question, what is your name and expertise?
When are you most likely to attend a Sisterhood event? *
7. What is your preferred method of communication? *
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