The Wedding Rose Hunt
I'd like to invite you to join the hunt called The Wedding Rose Hunt that goes with the Wedding March Event event but is optional to join and outside stores who don't have a booth at the event will be accepted if space is available, the hunt items must be wedding themed or white/off white/cream solid in color (color fatpacks are welcome just make sure there is a solid white color in the pack) and priced from 1-10L each (up to 3 prizes out per store). No ads are required and items don't need to be new but must not be cheaper anywhere else than what you sell them for at the hunt (Example: white dress is free at your store, you can't sell for 1L in the hunt but white dress is 20L at your store, you can sell it for 1-10L in the hunt!). I highly encourage you to join the hunt as most make back their booth fee from hunt prizes alone. I recommend selling them for 10L and if you put lower priced items in them (example: 20L at store) put 2-3 items in each hunt prim.

If you are interested in joining The Wedding March Shopping event as a designer the application link is here -

There will be 20 stores max in the hunt and 6 sponsor slots for 100L. Each sponsor will receive a sidebar ad on the event website with link to their in-world store or marketplace.

Also your hunt prizes will be rezzed out at the Wedding March Shopping Event area not at your store.

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Do you wish to be a sponsor? 100L and only 6 available. **If accepted as a sponsor there is a notecard in your welcome kit that will tell you how to pay and how to send me your full perm store logo and slurl of choice.** *
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