Faith Leaders Sign On For Bring It Home
"Bring It Home: Better Funding For Better Care"
TAKE ACTION NOW and sign onto the "Bring It Home: Better Funding for Better Care" campaign! This campaign is a coalition of mental health advocates, supportive housing providers, consumers of mental health services, families and now faith leaders who are calling on the state to adequately fund community based housing programs in an effort to avoid a financial crisis.

After years of reimbursement rates lagging significantly behind actual operating expense increases, many of the operators of the 40,000 community based mental health units across New York State are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain the social services and operating expenses that are crucial to the care that their residents need and deserve.We greatly appreciate the support that the faith community can provide to help these providers continue the exceptional care that their residents have come to depend upon for a decent, secure and supportive existence.

There will be plenty of opportunities over the coming months for active participation, but this is the first step! Be a part of the change. Take action, be counted, and join the campaign!

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