VECA Parent and Family Event Survey
In order to provide parents with meetings and workshops beneficial in supporting their child’s education, we ask that you please provide your comments, suggestions, and feedback.
Name of Event
Was this event helpful in providing you with the skills/strategies needed to help your child succeed?
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If the event was not helpful, what are some suggestions you have to make it more helpful?
Was the time of the event convenient for your schedule?
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If the time was not convenient, what time would be more beneficial?
To help our teachers and staff understand parent and family needs more fully, what professional learning workshops or meetings do you suggest teachers and staff participate in?
Title I legislation requires that 1% of Title I funding be used for Parent and Family Engagement. This funding is used to employ a Title I coordinator and facilitators at each school, as well as supplies used for Title I Parent and Family Engagement events. Do you have any additional suggestions about how this funding can be used?
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