Request for an Official Letter
You will use this method to request official letters from the International Student Services Department.  Please allow 5 to 7 business days for your letter to be processed.  We will scan the letter and send it to your email.  We will leave the original in the ISS box on the door.
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If you need a letter requesting that a family member or friend can come to the USA for a special occasion, please list the entire name of each person (as listed on their passport) AND the relationship each person has with you (mother, father, sister, etc).  Also, please list the occasion for the visit.
If you request a Letter of Reference or Recommendation, please list what you need it for and who we need to address it to, as well as your GPA.
  Let us know if you are in the NCWU Honors Program.  Please let us know why you think we should recommend you for this and if you have attained any honors or recognition academically or in campus or community organizations.
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