Summer Showcase Contract
By filling out and submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below. Please contact Katy Nahra ( or Ann Rocarek ( with any questions.
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1. The student will attend all meetings, trainings, rehearsals, and work days according to their schedule. Students must report to these scheduled events promptly. If there is an emergency, the director is to be notified at 319-541-5667 or by email, NOT by word of mouth through friends.

2. Student will schedule other time conflicts (doctor’s appointments, family trips, etc.) around rehearsals and work days. A conflict must be listed on student’s audition/application form to be excused. Certain absences (tech week, dress rehearsals, show days) will not be excused under any circumstances. Emergency absences will be granted at the director’s discretion. Meetings and trainings are mandatory—missing any required meeting or training session may result in replacement. Missing one unexcused rehearsal or work day will result in student being placed on probationary status. Two unexcused absences may result in replacement.

3. Actors will prepare for rehearsals by learning all lines, blocking, music, and choreography as soon as directed and practice them at home. Actors will behave attentively and responsibly at rehearsals, taking notes and direction cooperatively. Actors must be prepared for rehearsals (scripts, pencils, music, and proper attire, etc.).

4. Crew members will attend all required trainings and meetings as well as all required work days. Crew members will behave attentively and responsibly at all times and take direction cooperatively. Crew members must be prepared for training and work days which includes wearing proper attire and safety equipment. Crew members must perform the duties expected for their role. Failure to meet any of these expectations may result in replacement.

5. Student will arrange for all transportation (must be guardian approved) to and from required scheduled events.

6. Student will share with parent/guardian all important forms given by the director thus keeping them informed of schedules and other pertinent information.

7. Student and parent/guardian agree to let Theatre West use rehearsal and show photos in promotion of show and Theatre West.

8. Students must act in an appropriate and responsible way at all times when representing Theatre West. If at any time a director feels that a student is acting inappropriately, putting other students at risk, being distractive and off-task, or not performing the duties expected for their role in our program, the directors have the right to send the student home, or dismiss the student from the Theatre West program permanently.
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