Threads of Heart Campaign
Please read the information below on hosting a campaign:

It is no cost to host a campaign. We provide the service that includes design time, posting on our IG, screen printing and order packaging/shipment. The tees will range from $25-30 depending on style and if they are for adults or kids. They will be listed on our site for friends and family to purchase as well as our followers and past customers. After the campaign has ended, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the family in need.

We will come up with a design that both fits our brand and speaks to your cause while appealing to a large audience. If you have a few ideas surrounding your tee we can use that as a starting point. We have a few phrases that have not been assigned to a family as well as past designs that can be used again (all designs are owned by Jumping Jack and can be used again for another campaign).

We no longer do personal tees with names or family specific wording for regular fundraising campaigns as it limits the audience. ** If you are wanting to go that route and have a personal tee made, please read the last 2 the options below.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a US resident, please email us for international campaign options.

Option #1 (which is our standard Threads of Heart Campaign) is to use a design without a personal name or hashtag. The design would be posted on our Instagram to our followers as well. You would receive a donation of a portion of the proceeds to donate to your cause. For this option we would need to know the reason, cause or charity you plan to raise money for to see if we are able to proceed with this type of campaign.

Option #2 is a personal tee designed with a personal hashtag or her name for your family. We would give you the high resolution image for a fee for you to take to a screen printer to have tees printed on your own.

Option #3 is still a personal tee with a hashtag or name but we would print and ship the personal tees for you. With this option there is no fee, however, there is still a minimum of 12 tees and no posting or advertising on our end (since it is a personal tee). You would still receive a donation of a portion of the proceeds from the tees purchased by friends and family.

Some clients have used the first 2 options to create shirts for a loved one to wear in honor of another friend or loved one for a specific event or to have as a special way to honor them.

After you approve the proof, you will receive a link to share for friends and family to purchase the custom tee. The success of the fundraiser is driven by the organizer posting and sharing with their friends and family so that they too can share the fundraiser. Our most recent fundraiser tee was extremely successful due to multiple friends and family sharing the link.

Our screen printer requires a minimum of 12 tees to go into production. If you plan to do both adult and kids tees, that will be 2 separate T-shirt screens and therefore 12 of each. Reaching 12 adult tees generally happens very fast, however, sometimes kids tees have lower purchase rates. We let the organizer decide if they would like to offer kids tees or not. We leave the preorder open for 1 week depending on order volume. After the minimums have been met, we post each campaign one time on both our @shopjumpingjack and @threadsofheart account.
The day after the preorder closes, we will send in the order to our screen printer. The shirts are completed within 7 business days and then orders are shipped out. This means the tees can take a little over 3 weeks to ship.

When all shirts have shipped (and we have received all final invoices), a portion of proceeds will be donated directly to the family through PayPal via our non-profit partner, The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Jumping Jack makes all donations to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation on the 1st of the month after the campaign ends. The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation donates funds thereafter.

If you are ready to start a fundraiser, please complete this full form by continuing to the next section.
Feel free to take a look at some of our past Threads of Heart tees below or check out our website here:



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