Vote for the creative ideas you want to happen in Ely
We're inviting residents from Ely and the surrounding villages to vote for two creative ideas they'd like to happen in Ely this October Half-Term.

We received over 70 submissions from a whole range of creative people who wanted to make something fun and interesting happen in our City. These have been short-listed to five proposals. Each artist has made a short film pitch to tell you more about their idea.

This poll is open until midnight 12th July - so vote now and we'll be in touch to tell you more about the selected projects later in the summer.
Please watch the 5 short films (approx 2 mins each) and vote for your 2 favourites below.
1. Louise Beale - Ely Life

Louise is a ceramic artist living in Ely who specialises in 3D clay hand building techniques. Louise is proposing a community-based installation using clay. Local residents would be invited to build their own clay models alongside Louise’s work which will come together in a large display or installation for everyone to enjoy in Ely.
Watch Louise's pitch here...
2. Paris Crossley - Moving Melodies

Paris is a movement artist specialising in Popping - a street dance style characterised by sudden tensing and releasing of the muscles to the rhythm of beats in music. Paris is an experienced professional perfomer who collaborates with other artists. Paris’ proposal is to bring an interactive dance performance to the streets of Ely using dancers, MCs and music.
Watch Paris' pitch here...
3. Mike Hartley - The Yesterday & Tomorrow Machine

Mike creates automata and kinetic sculptures using recycled materials. His proposal is to create a walkabout kinetic sculpture that celebrates sea creatures who are under threat. It will be a vehicle-based machine with parts that move and generate sounds. You will be able to turn handles and see mechanisms working. Mike will make his creation and bring it to Ely city centre during October.
Watch Mike's pitch here...
4. Mark Parry - Visionary Voices
Mark creates light, video and interactive work for public spaces. Mark’s proposal is for a sculptural sound installation consisting of a series of 5 circular portals. The portals will project recordings of local people's voices talking about Ely and their hopes for the future. The futuristic looking voice portals are colourful translucent discs made from recycled materials. They will be temporarily installed in Ely for you to interact with.
Watch Mark's pitch here...
5. Adrian Riley - Ely’s Marvellous Market Mood Machine
Adrian works visually with words in public places to express the thoughts, ideas and hopes of people and place. Adrian’s proposal is to act as a ‘listener in residence’ in Ely Market Place, capturing the sounds of the space. The sounds would then be hand printed using a wooden letterpress. These individual printed artworks would then be dispensed to the public through a retro vending machine adapted especially for the project.
Watch Adrian's pitch here...
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The two most voted for creative projects, will be presented alongside Tim Casson's 'The Dance We Made - Ely' this is a taste of what to expect:
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