In order to ensure the results of the CO-EVOLVE project are being disseminated as broadly as possible and capitalised on, but also to engage as many stakeholders as possible in its activities, we have developed this form, which will help feed our target audience database.

The purpose of this database is to easily identify relevant actors directly or indirectly involved in the development of sustainable tourism based on the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

It must be noted that during the second phase of the project dedicated to transferring activities – starting in early 2019 – transferability plans will be developed and disseminated both at pilot/regional scale and at the Mediterranean scale. Those plans will include methods used, processes, tools, results and best practices from pilot activities developed under WP3 (Studying) and WP4 (Testing). They will be shared with relevant targets.

Stakeholders' contact details will be made available on the Interreg Med Programme's web platform dedicated to the "Sustainable Tourism" Community ( This Thematic Community brings together all the actors directly or indirectly involved in the corresponding horizontal and modular projects. It aims at creating a cluster of projects able to enhance jointly solutions for the protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources in the Mediterranean area, through a coherent strategy of Community Building, Communication and Capitalisation.

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The CO-EVOLVE team.
Overall description of the CO-EVOLVE project
CO-EVOLVE is an Interreg MED project aiming at analysing and promoting the co-evolution of human activities and natural systems in touristic coastal areas, allowing sustainable development of touristic activities based on the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management/Maritime Spatial Planning.

CO-EVOLVE couples a presently unavailable analysis at MED scale of threats (i.e. climate change, littoralisation, urbanisation, touristic fluxes, carrying capacity, pollution, competing uses, land-sea interaction) and enabling factors (coastal protection measures, ecosystems protection, water cycle and depuration, transport and accessibility, legislation, administrative constraints, governance, financial resources and mechanisms) for sustainable tourism with local studies on seven representative Pilot Areas, to demonstrate through pilot actions the feasibility and effectiveness of an ICZM/MSP-based planning process.

CO-EVOLVE recognises as a key challenge for sustainable coastal and maritime tourism development the strengthening of cooperation among regions and the joint development and transferring of approaches, tools, guidelines and best practices.

Finally, CO-EVOLVE contributes to the Strategic Theme 2 (Joint Action 2.1) of the Bologna Charter’ Joint Action Plan:

The project pursues three main objectives:
1. Analysing threats and enabling factors for sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean
Project activities will produce a complete and integrated analysis, at Mediterranean and Pilot Area scale, of the principal threats and enabling factors for a sustainable and ecosystem-based coastal tourism development, allowing a positive co-evolution of human activities and natural systems.

2. Defining and quantifying tourism sustainability in the Mediterranean
Project activities will develop a sustainability analysis in order to quali-quantify the sustainability of tourism on pilot areas and address their strategic planning. The activity will build on previous efforts in order to create a conceptual model for assessing the level of sustainable development of tourism in the Mediterranean and develop an operational Tourism Sustainability Toolkit to be applied at Mediterranean scale.

3. Developing ICZM/MSP based action plans for sustainable tourism development in pilot areas and transfer at Mediterranean scale
CO-EVOLVE aims to produce tourism-driven or tourism-oriented strategic action plans on the basis of the previous outputs and elaborate strategic planning proposals for each pilot area, including operative guidelines. A transferability plan at Mediterranean scale will also be produced.

For more information regarding the project, we invite you to read our brochure ( or send us an email at:
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